Who we are

The Scubadillo Dive Club, affectionately known as the ‘Dillos, have been goin’ down since 1984. As one of oldest and largest dive clubs in North Texas, this is definitely the place to be. The club is involved in diving education, diving techniques and physiology, the marine environment and social events with other divers. We welcome all divers; old, new, and wannabes alike! Even if you’re not sure whether diving is for you, come to a meeting and talk to some of our members.

The ‘Dillos are a major force in the North Texas diving community. Working with dive centers, manufacturers, distributors and our friends in other area dive clubs, such as the Diving Rebels, DUPS, FINZ, and Texins Dive Club, we strive to provide all area divers with a dive club not only to dive with but to dive with safely, and to learn and socialize.

If you want to dive and be around divers in North Texas…. you’ve found a home! Our sole purpose is to provide a place for divers at any level to congregate, educate and socialize. Tech Divers can find others with mixed gas, decompression, extended range, deep and cave experience with certifications from TDI, ANDI and IANTD; even commercial diving experience.

“Membership has its benefits,” the popular advertisement says, and it holds true for being a paid member of the Scubadillo Dive Club. Our membership dues help us pay for our events and activities. Throughout the year, we hold many special events and activities that are included in membership but non-members have to pay to participate. These events often include food, prizes, decorations and materials, boat rentals, or other items paid for or subsidized by the club. As a member, you get to enjoy these activities without additional fees.
The Scubadillos also contribute to charitable organizations that promote our underwater world that we enjoy and your dues help meet our charity obligations. At the end of each year we ensure that the next year starts out with a predetermined balance to support our early activities.