What are the Swamp Divers you ask? They are the group within the Scubadillos that you want to be in if one dive trip a month just isn’t enough. The group was conceived in 1998 to explore new dive sites for club dives. Their purpose is to explore not only new dive sites but also locate camping/hotel facilities, food, fuel, air, directions, maps etc. so that when we have a club dive everything goes smoothly.
To become a certified Swamp Diver, all you have to do is complete five (5) organized swamp dives with a bottom time of at least ten minutes and a depth of at least ten feet (if attainable) then have each signed off by the swamp dive coordinator(s). You too can then be one of this elite group! We certified ten Swamp Divers in 1998, the inaugural year, and several more are well on their way. Once certified, you receive the coveted Swamp Diver patch, a T-Shirt and an Official Swamp Diver Certificate suitable for framing. The only prerequisite is that you be a certified scuba diver and a member in good standing of the Scubadillo Dive Club.
The Official Swamp Diver - Ricou Browning
Coordinators 1999:
Schedule 1999
March 27-28 Toledo Bend This is an overnight swamp dive to check out the place before the regular club dive in August. Signup by sending an email or call either Mike. Note: This event was cancelled due to illness and lack of interest.
April 18 Lake Hawkins This is on the way back from the regular club dive in Tyler State Park. It is close to the Tyler State Park and we just sneak off on Sunday morning and drive up to the lake for some real swamp diving. We had a beautiful sunny day with 8 divers in the water. The visibility was 12-15 feet and around 70 degrees in the water.
May 8-9 Canyon Lake This is an overnight trip. There are campgrounds/cabins/motels/bed&breakfast available. We’ll leave Saturday morning and return Sunday evening. It’s approximately a 4 1/2 hour drive. Note: CANCELLED
June 26-27 Highland Lakes Highland Lakes are a string of six lakes along the Brazos River. It will be an overnight trip (You can go down there for the day too) with possibility to dive several of the lakes, but I think diving them all is a little too much. We had a great time!
July 31-Aug 1 Toledo Bend Toledo Bend. Only three people went, but we had a good time. Hedde Reinert did his 5th swamp dive and is now an official swamp diver. Congratulations.
Aug 21-22 Saturday: Oasis, Sunday: Athens Scuba Park Saturday: We will meet at the Oasis at 10am (they open at 9am, but that’s too early for me) and do one dive. As the temperature is a balmy 87 degrees and the visibility 6-8ft (due to the algea bloom), it sure qualifies as a swamp dive. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice navigation. It’s a $10 charge to dive or $5 for swimmers/snorkelers. There are no real facilities there, so bring everything you will need, including a full tank. They have a  website at: The directions are: Between Denton and Decatur, 35 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth. Take I-35 to U.S. 380. Follow U.S. 380 west about 15 miles, then turn right at the diver flag onto County Road 2513, also known as Allison Road. Turn right again at the next dive flag. The entrance is about a half-mile on the left, just past the Rocky Ridge Emu Ranch.Sunday: We’ll meet at the Athens Scuba Park at 11am and do one dive. It’s not really a swamp dive, but I haven’t been there before so I want to try it out. It’s about 30-35ft visibility and 89 degrees at the surface and 84 degrees at the bottom. It’s $15 to dive ($5/nondivers) and they have air fills there. But I would suggest to bring a full tank anyway. Directions (From Midway Point Restaurant): Take I-635 east/south to US 175. Take US 175 east through Kaufman to Athens. In Athens, turn left on Route 31 East (Corsicana Street). At the Courthouse, turn left onto Route 19 and take the first right onto Tyler Street. Go 1/2 mile and turn left on Murchison Street. Go past the Justice Center (on your right), the Scuba Park is on the right before the railroad tracks.
Sept 18-19 Maybe Canyon Lake?
Oct 16-17 TBA
Nov 6-7 TBA
Suggested sites:
  • Perky Lake (Kilgore)</>
  • Blue Lagoon (Huntsville)
  • Lake Greeson (AK)
  • White Rock Lake
  • Guadalupe River (drift diving)
  • Lake Austin
  • Lake Travis Island
  • Lake Medina
  • Squaw Creek Lake in August (103F last year – in the water!)

Toledo Bend
This is a 181600 acre reservoir on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. There’s a dive shop close by where we can get air fills etc. There’s supposed to be good visibility (sorry ‘swampers’) and there are actually some things to se below – several submerged cars, golf carts, motorcycles, boats etc. It’s a good drive going there, but it’s not a whole lot longer than driving to Lake Travis. There is a campground close by ($10/night), or if you don’t like to rough it – we can get a 8-person cabin for $80/night (2 night minimum though!). We should get 2-3 easy swamp dives in over the weekend – well on your way to earn a patch! You can find some more information about Toledo Bend at Toledo-Bend.Com.

Canyon Lake
This is a 8240 acre lake is one of the more scenic lakes in Texas. Approximately 15-30′ visibility. You can find some more information at Dive Texas Online, Wild Texas: Canyon Lake – New Braunfels, Texas , Texas Corps Canyon Lake Project

Lake Hawkins
I need some info on this lake. The only thing I know is that at last year’s swamp-dive there, the visibility was measured in inches…

Highland Lakes
The Highland Lakes consists of six lakes; Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LB Johnson, Lake Marble Falls, Lake Travis and Lake Austin, all along the Colorado River northwest of Austin.

Belton Lake
I’ll get some more info on this lake just outside of Temple halfway between Waco and Austin. In the meantime have a look at the US Corps of Engineers webpage for Belton Lake There’s a diveshop in Temple called Scuba Plus.

Stillhouse Hollow Lake
I’ll get some more info on this lake just outside of Temple halfway between Waco and Austin and just south of Belton Lake. In the meantime have a look at the US Corps of Engineers webpage for Stillhouse Hollow Lake.