Dive Gear Galore! Find What You Need at the Scubadillo Yard Sale

Dive Gear Galore! Find What You Need at the Scubadillo Yard Sale
If you’re a scuba diver, a snorkeler, a surfer or just an enthusiastic swimmer looking for
bargains on new or used gear, we have just what you need! This is a great opportunity
for new and seasoned divers to buy all kinds of aquatic gear at fantastic prices.

The Dallas Scubadillos (one of the largest dive clubs in Texas) will host an exclusive
Sunday, March 27, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. at the Bent Tree West
Swim and Tennis Club
located in far north Dallas (details below).

“Exclusive” means vendors will be selling only dive-related items – including
underwater cameras and photography equipment. No kitchenware, furniture, antiques
or collectibles.

Some of the many new or used items you’ll find at the 12 vendor booths include: wet
suits and other neoprene wearables, fins, masks, booties, underwater flashlights, BCDs,
tanks, regulators, dive computers, underwater cameras, camera housing and lights,
travel bags, a DAN oxygen kit, dive knives … and lots of other miscellaneous dive toys.

Vendors are individual divers who have amassed a store full of items that need a good
home. Also, you’ll find a former dive shop owner with tons of new stuff. And the Dillos
will have a booth. Plus, you’ll meet lots of other scuba divers to share tips and
information and learn about enchanting dive destinations around the globe! Be prepared
for a fun and relaxing afternoon.

At the official Scubadillo booth, we’ll take CASH or CREDIT CARDS. No checks.
Individual vendors will determine their own payment options.

If you have general questions about your upcoming buying experience, email
See you Sunday, March 27!

Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club
18018 Voss Road, Dallas, TX 75287
Located west of the North Dallas Tollway, just south of Frankford Road
Scubadillo Dive Club
Established 1984
Find us on Facebook, Meetup, Instagram

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