“diving caverns and caves” scubadillo meeting on thu july 7th

Our July 7, 2022, program will be presented by Ron Smith. He will be talking about “Diving caverns and caves”. An introduction to a world of contrasts, mystery and adventure.
Ron has a Ph. D. in Molecular Microbiology and did a Post Doctorate at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Pharmacology. He has authored numerous scientific and technical publications and has been a contributing author to five books on Rapid Microbiological Methods.
Ron is a passionate diver, with certifications in Full Cave, Closed -Circuit Rebreather, Decompression, DPV -Cave, and Advanced open water. He has been diving caves and caverns for 12 years.

**Meeting details**
Our meeting begins **at 7 p.m**. If your schedule permits, please come for the social/dinner hour around **6 p.m.**

Bring some cash for the raffle, which offers fun, mostly useful items!

You do not want to miss the photos, shark dive and adventures we had on our trip to Roatan last month and the upcoming Dillo outings.

Fins up! See you Thursday |