Scubadillos meeting April 1

Hang out with the Dillos in-person or online

Please join us for our monthly in-person Scubadillo meeting, Thursday, April 1st, at On the Border in Addison. We’ll host a Zoom option, too — details below.

The program for the April meeting of the Scubadillo will be presented by Greg Knauer who works for ScubaToys and who will discuss care and maintenance of scuba gear.

Greg was first certified to scuba dive by NAUI in 1972, while he was living in Hawaii and went diving at least once a week. Years later, Greg made the decision to become a NAUI Instructor and has gone on to become a NAUI Course Director. Greg now spends most of his time working on certifying new dive professionals.

Greg’s diving experience includes diving with the National Park Service in Lake Mead on a mapping project to diving with East Carolina University Maritime Studies graduate program in Saipan searching for a missing airplane from WWII.

Working for ScubaToys, a need arose that caused Greg to become a certified equipment repair technician. Working with a repair technician legend, Tom Ford, during the summer Greg and Tom would turn out 50+ repair tickets a week. Many tricks of the trade were learned during this time.

Greg’s motto is to be a lifelong learner and is still taking courses himself. He believe you are never too old to learn something new. If you have not taken a new course for a while, Greg says to consider it now.

Meeting details
Our meeting begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. If your schedule permits, please come for the social/dinner hour around 6:00 p.m.

We’ll have hand-sanitizer. Of course, bring a mask. You’ll need that for walking through the main restaurant to the bathroom, for instance. Wear masks if you enter through the front door.

And bring some cash for the raffle, which offers fun, mostly useful items!

If you’re staying at home, please join our meeting via Zoom. (forthcoming)

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