scubadillo meeting for jan 9th

Happy New Year!!  Come and hear our guest speaker this month.
Dark, mucky, murky water. Questionable toxicity. But as she gropes around in this gloomy environment, she’s clearly focused on the mission. It’s just “a day at the office” for Scubadillo member Selena Medrano.
Join us Thursday at our monthly meeting as Selena discusses her experience about becoming a member of the dive team at work. She will describe the hands-on course and exam that must be passed, equipment the team uses, and skills that must be mastered.

We also need your input in order to make this the largest and best dive club in Texas. We need to know what you want to do. We will have a tentative schedule for the year but again it is tentative. We need your input. We also need you on a committee. This is your club.
The “Social Hour” begins at 6:15 PM and the meeting begins at 7:15 PM. We had a full house last meeting so get there at 6:15 KEEP DIVING.

Also membership has been discounted for this meeting. You can go to and pay on line or join at the meeting. Price will go up soon.

We will be located in the back room.

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