scubadillo meeting for dec 5th

You remember this guy, right? He loves gadgets… and so do we. Let’s share our favorite gadgets at this month’s Scubadillo meeting, 7:15 p.m. December 5th at Addison On The Border (networking starts at 6). We all learn from each other, right? This is a great opportunity to share your personal experience and knowledge of a favorite dive-related gadget. Tell us why you love it, how you use it, and especially what makes it so valuable to you. Some examples: a photography item, a component of your reg or BC setup, a packing or luggage feature. You might even have some kind of cool gadget that helps you endure those long flights to exciting dive destinations on the other side of the globe! So, if you have something to show n’ tell for 5-10 minutes, please send an email with the gadget info to our club Vice President and Education Chair, Steve Ogden (Oggie), [masked]. PLUS:
It’s December, and that means we’ll have elections for our 2020 club officers. We’ll also chat briefly about upcoming opportunities and events where members can get involved throughout the coming year. We always welcome new ideas and perspectives, so please speak up, chime in and throw out ideas. As Oggie so eloquently puts it: Those of us laboring in the trenches on an annual basis will be happy to share our responsibilities, as there is something rewarding about giving of your time and efforts. …one last thing: GO COWBOYS!
Yes, we know the Cowboys are playing Thursday night, so we’ll try to adjourn somewhat early. Several of us plan to stay after the meeting to watch the game on the OTB TV. Join us! ~ See y’all Thursday ~

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