Scuba Ranch (Formerly Clear Springs)

This month we are having 2 dive events. Boat dive at lake Travis and Scuba Ranch. For Travis go to next meetup page.
The Scuba Ranch, formerly known as Clear Springs Scuba Park, opened June 15, 2001. As of May 2018 we are under new management and changes/updates are continuing to be made. We offer a 22 acre spring-fed lake that has one of the most beautiful, natural habitats seen in a fresh water Texas Lake.
The Scuba Ranch, to celebrate the International Women’s Dive Day, will give the first 50 women a visor and a ticket for a free air fill ($10 value). They are also having a raffle during the day. They will give the Scubadillos both a pavilion (so ask at entrance where the Scubadillos are located and look for the yellow banner) and a 20% discount on admission (off of the normal $20 daily entry fee, that would be only $16 for Scubadillos).
Our event meeting time is officially 10 AM for the Scubadillos, but those that want to help set up can come out earlier around 9 AM (or 8 AM if you are a woman and want that visor and free air-fill ticket)
The Scubadillos are not providing lunch or any planned activities, so everyone needs to bring their own drinks, snacks, lunch, chairs, dive equipment, etc. to have a fun day of casual diving with friends and camaraderie at the pavilion. This is a chance for divers to find dive buddies and go explore all of the new things that they have done at the lake since it changed over from Clear Springs Scuba Park.
Latest reported water temperatures was in the 80’s at the surface and around 77 degrees at 20 feet (first thermocline).
Since there are no planned activities, people can leave whenever they like.
To save time fill out the wavier on line at

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