March 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2017

Minutes from Thursday Meeting for the Scubadillo Dive Club


7:30 pm  Vic started the meeting and introduces guest and new members.


7:35pm   Before Oggie introduces Alec, he hands microphone over to David to go over details for

               the Knock Off the Rust Pool and Pizza Party at Scuba Toys March 11 1-5. Steve Volker

               to bring U/W chess/checkers game for the pool


7:38pm   Chris goes ordering club shirts/sweat shirts and sign up sheets for them


7:40pm   Steve Ogden thanks everyone that attended the Arctic Dive and Wine Cheese Tasting

               at Lake Murray and went over details of the events.

               He mentioned the Lake Travis outing in July


7:45pm  Oggie introduces our guest speaker, Alec Ranck of Texas Wesley College

   to talk about their scuba program.

8:20pm   Q&A- Alec

8:55pm   End of Q&A


A five ­­minute break was taken.


9:00pm   We had our Raffle drawing for prizes.


9:10pm   Vic ended the meeting.