Beginner diving destinations on local island



I'm planning a trip in mid-March with my 3 adult kids. I would love some updated info and suggestions on where to stay, where to dive. We all love diving and are in varying stages of completing our PADI certification. Though we have taken the PADI course and logged hours around the world, we dive infrequently enough that our hours never really get us closer to completing our certification. If we cannot make that happen before we arrive in March, we will be hoping to complete our PADI certification on the trip, or at least be able to dive. Our traveling style is rather humble and we prefer to absorb local culture rather than hanging with the resort crowd and large tour groups, so we are hoping to find a local island, an amazing guide who respects the reef ecology, visit pristine beaches, and snorkel/dive coral reefs that are vibrant and alive. I'm having a hard time finding out about current status of coral bleaching in the Maldives and dives appropriate for beginners. We're on the cheap for accommodations but don't mind paying for personalized tours that avoid the crowds and are eco-friendly. We will only have about 7 days of serious fun once we get somewhere outside of Male, but definitely want to see and do all we can! Any suggestions for islands, accommodations, dive sites, dive companies?


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