Athens Halloween Event


Several weeks after the Scubadillos' Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest & Octoberfest Feast at Tyler State Park on October 10, there will be a Halloween event at Athens Scuba Park on October 31 (Saturday) with a series of team events.

Each team consists of four divers and the events start at 10 AM with the last event around 3 PM. The first team event is the "You Drive Me Batty Scavenger Hunt" that takes place both on land and underwater. The next even is a Wild Cow Milking Contest  that requires good air consumption. The last event is the Slippery Eel Relay Race where teamwork is necessary in winning this contest. Prizes will be given out after the last event.

For more information, contact Athens Scuba Park at (903) 675-5762. Park entry fees of $20 apply with airfills of $10.

Athens just announced that the Halloween event is cancelled due to the weather.