Open water in Dominican Republic?

Hey everyone:

I finished my confined water portion of the certification this past weekend, woohoo!
The next open water slot Adventure Scuba has is April 1st.  That is a long time from now.

I am going to Dominican Republic this month.  I will be there Feb 18th to 24th.
I will be staying in Playa Juan Dolio which is about 30 minutes east of Santo Domingo.

Does anyone know a dive shop in that area where I can take my open water certification?
I figure that will be better since I won't get so rusty with a long interval until the open water
test and the water will be much nicer there.  Can you also give me an appx on how much
that would cost?

Another question, I bought a mask, snorkel, and fins.  When you all travel with gear,
especially fins, how do you take them?  My fins are pretty big.  I don't think they will
fit in a suitcase.  Or should I leave the fins here and plan to rent them from the shop?