anything interesting for 2017?

Hello all,

I have a case of upgrade blues.

I still use my trusty old Note 4 - but I've been due an upgrade for almost 2 years now.

don't fancy moving to iPhone, my last three company phones have all been of the fruit variety. My personal phones have been Samsung since the S2 (then jumped onto the Note bandwagon at Note 2).

I'm looking at what's out there and I'm just uninspired.

The S8 looks mildly interesting (based on rumours) but its still just more of the same really. Fancy a change.

The HTC 10 and Google Pixel both looked good last year - and had either had either a built in stylus or dual front facing speakers I would have bought them.

anyone know of any smaller manufacturers offering something a little different to the norm? Or anything worth considering?

Thank you

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