Saba - Netherland Antilles

I see a trip scheduled to St. Lucia, and wanted to gauge interest in a possible trip to nearby Saba. Saba features the oldest protected marine park anywhere in the Caribbean, and some of the most amazing pinnacle diving you'll experience. To be fair, Saba is NOT for everyone. The island does not have casinos, and there is not a lot of shopping on the island. But it is charming and beautiful topside, and has a lot of alternate activities to consider for off-gassing time. A busy week of divers on Saba is less than a dozen or so! There are only two dive organizations on the island, and I have great relations with the premier one, Sea Saba. Getting to Saba is a full day of travel (DFW to Miami or San Juan, then on to St. Maarten, and finally across to Saba) but worth it once you get there. The Sea Saba team takes care of everything else, and has some of the sweetest, roomiest boats anywhere. For the photographers in the group, I can attest you'll see a huge number of subjects from large critters (sharks, turtle, rays) to small (frogfish, banded coral shrimp, etc.) in profusion. A link to Seas Saba's website is noted below - share interest here on the forum board and let's see about getting a headcount on a group. I can then do some prelim price gathering for what a budget would look like. Let me know questions, and if you'd like to see photos I took during my numerous trips to Saba. Happy Diving!
 Sea Saba website:

Sounds interesting to me. I was thinking of a trip over Thanksgiving time, less vacation time to have to take. Bonaire is also another great island and part of the dutch Antilles. But if a group wants to go to Saba I'm interested.