Official Review: Bluewater Walkabout by Tina Dreffin


Haven’t you ever thought of just leaving your world behind and sailing off on a grand adventure? That kind of fantasy is usually just that: fantasy. For Tina Dreffin, though, this was real life. In her non-fiction memoir, Bluewater Walkabout, Tina shares her experiences adventuring with her family across oceans in distant, exotic locales. Her life at sea is the ultimate embarkation.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of a memoir is its ability to share unique experiences. In Ms. Dreffin’s case, whether the topic is her chosen lifestyle of living aboard a boat in the Caribbean or her journey across the ocean to southern Africa, this memoir opens a window into a world few others will ever have the chance to experience. From safari tours to ocean gales and from near collisions with diamond miners to near teenage mutinies, this family’s trip is packed with thrills and drama.

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