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Discuss your next tropical adventure here. Organizing a dive trip for a large group can often be like “herding cats” as there are lots of opinions on where and when to go, as well as the price range. Here you can toss out an idea of where and when to go and see if there are any like-minded ‘Dillos that would like to join you. Hear about a good deal on a dive trip? Let us all know and see who wants to participate. While you can’t satisfy everyone, you probably can find enough people to create a fun dive vacation!

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If there are items of interest to share to the Scubadillos that aren’t covered in our other forums, then let us know here. We would love to know about social events, celebrations, dive-related activities or events, environmental issues, dive tips, or related items. All forum messages are first monitored by website editors to ensure they are suitable for posting.

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I want to go blow some bubbles this weekend, so who’s in? While the Scubadillos try to schedule a local dive every month during dive season that date may not work for everyone or you might want to dive more than just once a month. Here you can get together with other ‘Dillos to meet at an established dive site or go explore a new destination to see if it is worthy of a future Scubadillo dive destination. Local diving here means you can drive to it whether it is one hour away or a day’s journey (even to another state).

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Minutes from monthly club meeting
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If you find that you have excess scuba gear or that somehow it “shrank” since the last dive, then this would be a good place to let other Scubadillos know where they can maybe get a good deal on “slightly used” scuba equipment. Just starting out and needing dive gear - keep an eye on this forum for things you need. All serviceable scuba equipment should be first examined and serviced by a reputable dive center before use in diving conditions.
No items in this forum are guaranteed or warranted by the Scubadillo Dive Club – use at your own risk.

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