Lake Travis Outing

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For those of you joining us at Lake Travis Saturday on the boat or not on the boat, there will be a  Saturday night cookout at Lake Travis hosted by former Scubadillo members The Murdoch's.

They live close to Lake Travis.

Last year, a  number of "old-time" dillos came to Austin for dinner after a day of divining and it was like a reunion.
We'll need to get a headcount.  Everyone can chip in to help cover the hamburgers and sides.
We will have information and directions at the July meeting or you can email gena at and I will send you the information.



Scubadillos ! !  !

It is Travis Time!!!  Lake Travis that is.  We are going to Lake Travis this summer, July 22nd and 23rd.  Put it on your calendar and join us!


Lake Travis is located just to the northwest of Austin.  Our plan is to arrive at the Lake Travis Scuba marina on the  morning of July 22.  There is no organized diving at Windy Point Park this year.  If you would care to check out Windy Point Park as an unstructured unsupervised event, then check out their website at:!


For the adventurous folks, we will go diving off the Giant Stride on Saturday morning.  What is the Giant Stride, you ask?  The Giant Stride is a bona fide dive boat !!!  On Lake Travis !!!  Yes!

So, the Giant Stride is a Coast Guard certified dive boat operating on Lake Travis.  The boat operator is Lake Travis Scuba!!  Check’em out on the web at!

So, as your outing coordinator for this outing, I, John Richerson, REQUIRE the following commitments from all club members.  If you intend to go diving on the Giant Stride, I need to know before June 09, 2017.  This advance notice is necessary because a number of logistics items have to be handled in advance of our July outing.  If you intend to dive with us on the Giant Stride, I need the following artifacts:

First Name

Last Name

Contact Phone number

Certifying Agency (for you knuckleheads, I am talking about your Scuba certification)

Certification Level

Certification Card Number

Certification Year


When we arrive Saturday morning at the marina, the Giant Stride will be ready to receive us.  The Giant Stride will haul us out into the middle of Lake Travis.  Depending on the temperament of the boat captain, the Giant Stride will either drop us into the lake in the middle of nowhere; or if we ask politely, Robert, the boat captain, has his favorite dive sites.  Dive sites such as:

Starnes Island

Fiesta Haus Wall

Oasis Wall

The Shaker Plant

West Point

Cypress Creek Wall

Wreck Alley

What is that?  You say you have never heard of any of these “dive sites”?  Well, you have never been aboard the Giant Stride.  Please come join us!  It will be a blast!  I promise.  The diving fee to board the Giant Stride is $45.  For $45, you get to take a 4 hour, 2 tank, dive excursion to the wondrous dive sites across Lake Travis!!  These dive sites are only accessible by boat so the dive fee is well worth it!!!  Please come join us!


I ABSOLUTELY DEMAND the following.  If you intend to dive on the Giant Stride, please notify me before June 09, 2017.  I have to make reservations well in advance of our outing to ensure that we all have seats on the boat.  As part of the reservation process, Lake Travis Scuba requires that full freight prices be paid in advance…. That means I need $45 from everyone.  I will accept personal checks, or cash.  If you prefer, you may write a check to the club and make notice to the treasurer and me regarding payment for the outing.


When diving aboard the Giant Stride, please plan to tip out the boat staff.




So, in summary, here’s what we want do:


Dive Outing:  Lake Travis ! ! ! !


July 22 and July 23


Addresses listed below.

Lake Travis, just northwest of Austin, Texas

Giant Stride (Lake Travis Scuba)


Scuba diving ! ! !  . . . . duh?

What else would a dive club do?


We will be diving from the Giant Stride !!!  The best dive boat north of 30°N Latitude!


Expected Costs:

Air fills:

Giant Stride ( :




OK…. So who are you?

I need your information:

First Name

Last Name

Contact Phone number

Certifying Agency (for you knuckleheads, I am talking about your Scuba certification)

Certification Level

Certification Card Number

Certification Year




OK… Enough about you…. Who am I?

You may contact me at:


If you have questions, please contact me.  If you are diving off the Giant Stride, let’s please get our reservations, information and money secured in time.

John Richerson (Gena doesn’t mind….. don’t propagate this email address)