Promoting Conservation Through Education

Diving in a healthy underwater world without ugly trash or man-made hazards is the goal of the Scubadillos and we encourage environmentally-friendly practices and diving skills.

Local and Blue Water Diving

The Scubadillos enjoy blowing bubbles often and treat every dive in local or tropical waters as a fun adventure.
Underwater egg hunt - Easter 2015, Tyler State Park, Tyler, TX

Events and Activities for All Ages

The Scubadillos enjoy getting together with fellow divers and their families for fun activities. We often have activities on land during dive events for the entire family.

The Scubadillos are a major force in the North Texas diving community and focus on dive safety, conservation and appreciation of the underwater world.

Share Our Adventures

Join the Scubadillos and share the underwater world with those who share your passion.

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Upcoming Events

Tyler State Park, Tyler, Texas
7:30 pm
4535 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75019
7:30 pm
4535 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX 75019
1040 Hampshire Ln, Richardson, TX 75080

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